Natural Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer Surrey | Philippa Sian Photography
Natural Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer Surrey | Philippa Sian Photography
Are you insured?

Yes, I have full Indemnity and Liability insurance.

How long have you been a photographer?

I started my journey to being a professional photographer as a teenager – addicted to my small ‘point and shoot’ camera, printing photos, making albums and just general love for taking photos. I began my professional path back in 2012, learning how to use professional cameras, working with other photographers, taking workshops, and saving up for all my equipment. I first began shooting weddings back in 2014 with some family portrait work too. Since then, my love for photography has grown and grown and allowed me to explore other forms of photography outside of weddings, which is how the ‘Shot By’ branch to Philippa Sian Photography was born.

Do you have your own Studio?

I work from home and have my own office and ‘studio’ space to shoot in with plenty of space for backdrops, props and backboards.

Who owns the copyright of the images?

I will own the copyright to all images however all clients receive an image usage licence, so a ‘rights to use’ which is included in my services. There’s a common confusion that can occur with ‘copyright’ and ‘rights to use‘. A photographer will always retain the copyright of images, whether for personal or commercial licences. The most important thing to understand is that you don’t need to own the copyright to be able to use the images.¬†Rights to use (the image licence), is what permits the you to use that image for marketing across online and offline channels. All I ask for in return is for a small credit to be made back to me ūüôā

I'd like you to photograph my shop / studio / space / office. Will you travel?

Yes of course I can. Travel. expenses will need to be added to your fee so get in touch and we can discuss the details.

How do I receive the images and how long will it take?

Depending on the service you are booking, most clients receive their initial photos through a proofing gallery, where you can login privately, and make your selections from your shoot which are then made available to download direct through the gallery. I can also send images to client directly through dropbox.

I turn around commercial shoot proofing galleries within 1-2 weeks and within 1 week for portraits and headshots. Special requests can be made for urgent turn around but must be made in advance to manage workflow.

What happens if I am not happy with the images from my shoot?

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the images from your shoot, don’t be afraid to say, I offer reshoots free of charge.

*Disclaimer* If the full shoot brief (that is agreed between us before the shoot) has been perfectly followed and it is simply a case of ‘post shoot change of mind’, then this would be considered a brand new shoot with new direction and would therefore be chargeable.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

To book a photoshoot the full fee is required upfront, along with some signed paperwork. Only then will your shoot be officially booked and date reserved in my diary.

In cases where the photoshoot fee is over £400 then I will accept a deposit of 50% of the total balance to reserve your photoshoot with me. The final balance is due the week before your shoot.

I would like to book a shoot, what do I do next?

Once you have decided you would like to book me, please let me know straight away so we can get your session booked and in the diary. A photoshoot session is not secured unless I have all paperwork and payment.

What's your cancellation policy?

I understand that illness can strike or even last minute auditions/work, however I do need as much notice as possible. I am happy to re-arrange a session if you need to cancel for whatever reason. This needs to be agreed on with me no later than a week following your original shoot date. The re-arranged session also needs to take place within the next 8 weeks following your original shoot date. Depending on circumstance and if a date cannot be agreed then you will receive a refund of 50% of the total shoot fee.


Where are you based?

I am based in West London which is where the shoot will take place, at my home AND on location. If you are unable to travel to West London for any reason, I am happy to shoot on location in central London, however please note this will limit the amount of changes or looks you may want to do. This may also mean you don’t feel as comfortabe and relaxed as you could feel if we start the shoot in my home.

How Long is a Headshot Session

I allow 2 hours for headshot sessions, although it does depend from client to client. Do we shoot for the full 2 hours? No, but the time allows us to not rush, get you feeling comfortable, and allows for hair and clothing changes. I take at least 300 raw files during the shoot.

What's the difference between a 'mini' and a full 'session'?

My mini headshot sessions happen only a few times a year, are on location, and you are given a 15 minute time slot to come and have some headshots taken. These are great for students or someone needing some quick fresh imagery on a budget. You receive 2 final headshot images in colour and black and white.

Full headshot sessions give you quality of time in a relaxed space to really make the most of your headshots. They offer you more variety with different looks and backdrops, as well as 5 final images.

Do you offer discounts to theatre students?

Yes, I offer discounts to students – 10% off full price rates only.

How should I prepare for my headshot session?
I will send you instructions with your booking form however follow these simple rules and you will be fully prepared for your session:
1. Do not be hungover. Have a good nights sleep the night before and preferably the week running up to your session.
2. Drink plenty of water the week running up to your session – although this should be something you should do anyway!
3. Eat well and do not diet just for the session.
4. Exfoliate the night before so that your skin is fresh and new.
5. Try not to sunbathe or tan as this can make skin appear dry.
6. If you decide to fake tan, please be aware that this doesn’t always look great in photos, especially if done badly!
7. Wash your hair that day and make sure your eye brows are looking good and groomed!
8. Don’t cut your hair especially for the session. If you are planning a hair cut, please do this at least a week in advance so your hair has time to settle.
9. Make up – less is more, no heavy make up please.
10. Outfit colours Рplease ensure you bring x1 white top, and then additional colours i recommend are grey, navy, black however feel free to bring any other colours that you feel bring out the best in your skin tone, hair or eye colours. Best to avoid bright colours as this can detract from your face and also reflect strange colour tones onto your skin. Patterns are also a no no.
11. Outfit shapes/styles – please do not bring anything unusual and stick to the following shapes, round neck tshirt, scoop neck t-shirt, bus cami/vest, shirts. Long and sort sleeves are fine.
How long will I have to wait after the shoot to see my proofing gallery?

‚ÄčDepending on how busy I am, I aim for up to 48 hours following your shoot. If for any reason I cannot meet this I will have already advised you in advance of your session (in case the timing clashes with other work/travel etc).

Once I select my chosen images, how long will I have to wait to receive them for download?

Depending on how busy I am, within 1 week following your selection. If for any reason I cannot meet this I will have already advised you in advance of your session (in case the timing clashes with other work/travel etc).

What do you do when you retouch an image?

I do not photoshop you within an inch of your life, if that’s what you’re thinking! My style is very natural and I want your images to truly represent you. Your¬†images will be edited first for your gallery, which means I tweak the light, colour, contrast and clarity.¬†For your final images, I will retouch any blemishes, soften dark circles, smooth skin slightly, whiten teeth¬†and add some clarity to eyes ever so slightly.

What if my agent doesn't like them?

If your agent doesn’t like them, or you are not happy, please do feedback and let me know exactly what it is about the images you don’t like. We will then schedule a re-shoot, completely complimentary to try to address the things that were not liked¬†so that you are 100% happy and satisfied with your final images. Absolutely no problem at all.

Do I have to order prints through you?

A: I highly recommend ordering prints through professional venders but it is not required.

Natural Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer Surrey | Philippa Sian Photography
Natural Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer Surrey | Philippa Sian Photography

Lifestyle Portrait & Branding Sessions

How should I prepare for my Lifestyle Portrait Session?

Product & Lifestyle

Do I need to be there to oversee my product shoot or can I send you my items to shoot remotely?

You absolutely can attend your own lifestyle product shoots at my studio if you wish but you can also send me your products to shoot and I am confident to shoot them remotely. We will go through a very detailed styling and photography brief before hand to ensure I know exactly how you want your products to be photographed and I use my in house styling company Fleur & Fig for all lifestyle and flat lay styling too so you can trust your products will be made to look wonderful.

Do I need to send you props to shoot with my products?

I encourage my clients to bring or send me any props that they think will style well with their products /services however I also provide complete complimentary use of the Fleur & Fig prop catalogue too. I also have many different ‘photo boards’ that I use to photograph your products for you to choose from.

Natural Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer Surrey | Philippa Sian Photography